IMG_3025 copy-ZF-8227-15738-1-001-029As a youth I accepted Jesus Christ as my personal Saviour. My great grandmother taught me to read the King James Bible and declared it was the Word of God.  God’s word began to reveal the dysfunction of my family…. In the process of time God called me to preach. However, I stayed away in my teen years but at age 24 under heavy conviction I began praying about restoration.  I began to study the Bible again and in 2001 I began my studies at Hope Institute of the Scriptures. Upon graduation I served under Pastor Rick Sowell in various ministries for 8 years at Hope Baptist Church.  During this time I met and married my lovely wife Shelby who was raised in a Bible believing home by a Baptist preacher. Now we resided in Lima, Ohio where God has called us to start Anchored Hope Baptist Church a Bible believing church.

Our focus is Bible driven worship

To build families

To go soul winning

We are Family oriented

We Display Godly Love

Support Missions